Benefits of using our services

Training costs reduction

While providing your employees with online onboarding and training, you can avoid the logistics nightmare of transportation to the office or training center, lodging, and meals, which translates into costs reduction.


Manage your employees' training

Creating an online training program will allow you to automate the management of your training and obtain completion reports by area or employee, this will help to report for Quality Management Systems compliance.


Stand out in social media

Our animated videos can be used as a micro-learning tool within or outside of learning modules as well as to help with the marketing of your company.

e-Learning development

We can make the process of e-learning development simple and cost efficient:
  • Based on your needs, we can offer you the right solution.
  • We can meet with the subject matter experts of your company to prepare and personalize the content.
  • We will work on creating an e-learning module or set of modules that are effective, and that have a personalized professional image.
  • Once we deliver the final product, you can host it through your preferred learning management system (LMS) or we can also help you with that.
  • We can also create web-apps in HTML5, which allow you to deploy a learning module in a quick and easy way by embedding it in your website.


Our experience allows us to design attractive and effective e-learning modules that follow the guidelines of adult and children learning theory and instructional design.


We incorporate the best technology and tools for developing e-learning. Our creations can be simple, as a slide-by-slide presentation, to a more interactive module with video segments, music, audio, voice-over, branching, and other resources.


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